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Бронте Шарлотта
«Стихи сестер Бронте»

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ветер с листвою заводит забавы,

И быстро по небу бегут облака.

Я видеть желаю, как вихрями пены

Морскую волну растрепал ураган;

Я слышать могу, как бросаясь на стены

Прибрежных утесов, ревет океан !


Oh, I am very weary,

Though tears no longer flow;

My eyes are tired of weeping,

My heart is sick of woe;

My life is very lonely,

My days pass heavily,

I'm weary of repining,

Wilt thou not come to me ?

Oh, didst thou know my longins

For thee, from day to day,

My hopes, so often blighted,

Thou wouldst not thus delay !


Ох, как я утомилась -

Прилягу на кровать.

Глаза устали плакать,

А сердце – тосковать.

Жизнь очень одинока,

Проходят мимо дни.

Прошу тебя, любимый -

К бедняжке загляни.

О, знал бы ты, как жду я

Тебя день ото дня;

Не отнимай, желанный

Надежду у меня !


Ellen, you were thoughtless once

Of beauty or of grace,

Simple and homely in attire,

Careless of form and face;

Then whence this change ? and wherefore now

So often smooth your hair ?

And wherefore deck your youthful form

With such unwearied care ?

Tell us – and cease to fire our ears

With that familiar strain -

Why will you play those simple tunes

So often, o'er again ?

'Indeed, dear friends, I can by say

That childhood's thoughts are gone;

Each year its own new feelings brings,

And years move swiftly on:

'And for these little simple airs -

I love to play them o'er

So much – I dare not promise, now,

To play them never more !

I answered – and it was enough;

They turned them to depart;

They could not read my secret thoughts,

Nor see my trobbing heart.

I'w noticed many a youtful form,

Upon whose changeful face

The inmost workings of the soul

The gaser well might trace;

The speaking eye, the changing lip,

The ready blushing cheek,

The smiling, or beclouded brow,

Their different feelings speak.

But, thank God ! you might gaze on mine

For hours, and never know

The secret



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