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Дикинсон Эмили
«Избранные переводы»

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- Today? "

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657 I dwell in Possibility A fairer House than Prose More numerous of Windows Superior - for Doors

Of Chambers as the Cedars Impregnable of Eye And for an Everlasting Roof The Gambrels of the Sky

Of Visitors - the fairest For Occupation - This The spreading wide my narrow Hands To gather Paradise

x x x

680 Each Life Converges to some Centre Expressed - or still Exists in every Human Nature A Goal

Embodied scarcely to itself- it may beToo fair For Credibility's presumption To mar

Adored with caution- as a Brittle HeavenTo reach Were hopeless Rainbow's Raiment To touch

Yet persevered toward

sure- for the distance; How highUnto the Saints" slow diligenceThe Sky

Ungained- it may be

by a Life's low VentureBut then Eternity enables the endeavoring Again.

x x x

686 They say that "Time assuages"

Time never did assuageAn actual suffering strengthens

As Sinews do, with age

Time is a Test of Trouble,

But not a RemedyIf such it prove, it prove too

There was no Malady

x x x

712 Because I could not stop for DeathHe kindly stopped for meThe Carriage held but just OurselvesAnd Immortality.

We slowly drove - He knew no haste And I had put away My labor, and my leisure too, For His Civility

We passed the School where Children strove At Recess - in the RingWe passed the Fields of Gazing Grain We passed the Setting Sun

Or rather -- He passed UsThe Dews drew quivering and chillFor only Gossamer, my GownMy Tippet -- only Tulle

We paused before a House that seemed A Swelling of the GroundThe Roof was scarcely visibleThe Cornice -- in the Ground

Since then - "t is Centuries-and yet Feels shorter than the Day I first surmised the Horses" Heads Were toward Eternity

x x x



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