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Дикинсон Эмили
«Избранные переводы»

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One Then- close the Valves of her attentionLike Stone

x x x

313 I should have been too glad, I see Too lifted - for the scant degree Of Life's penurious Round; My little Circuit would have shamed This new Circumference - have blamed The homelier time behind.

I should have been too saved - I see Too rescued - Fear too dim to me That I could spell the Prayer I knew so perfect - yesterday -That Scalding one - "Sabachthani"Recited fluent -- here

Earth would have been too much - I see And Heaven- not enough for me I should have had the Joy

Without the Fear - to justify The Palm - without the Calvary; So, Saviour, Crucify

Defeat whets Victory - they sayThe Reefs - in old GethsemaneEndear the Coast beyond! 'T is Beggars - Banquets best define; 'T is parching - vitalizes Wine, "Faith" bleats - to understand!

x x x

371 A precious-mouldering pleasure-'t isTo meet an Antique Book, In just the Dress his Century wore A privilege - I think

His venerable Hand to take And warming in our own A passage back- or two- to make To Times when he- was young

His quaint opinions - to inspect His thoughts to ascertain On Themes concern our mutual mindThe Literature of Man

What interested Scholars- mostWhat Competitions ran When Plato - was a Certainty And Sophocles - a Man

When Sappho - was a living Girl And Beatrice wore The Gown that Dante- deified Facts Centuries before

He traverses - familiar As One should come to Town And tell you all your Dreams-were trueHe lived - where Dreams were born

His presence is Enchantment, You beg him not to go Old Volumes shake their Vellum Heads And tantalize - just so





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