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Йейтс Уильям Батлер
«Стихи. (В переводах разных авторов)»

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bodies of birds

The north wind tumbles to and fro

And pinches among hail and snow?

That runner said: "I am from the south;

I run to Baile Honey-Mouth,

To tell him how the girl Aillinn

Rode from the country of her kin,

And old and young men rode with her:

For all that country had been astir

If anybody half as fair

Had chosen a husband anywhere

But where it could see her every day.

When they had ridden a little way

An old man caught the horse's head

With: "You must home again, and wed

With somebody in your own land.''

A young man cried and kissed her hand,

"O lady, wed with one of us'';

And when no face grew piteous

For any gentle thing she spake,

She fell and died of the heart-break."

Because a lover's heart s worn out,

Being tumbled and blown about

By its own blind imagining,

And will believe that anything

That is bad enough to be true, is true,

Baile's heart was broken in two;

And he, being laid upon green boughs,

Was carried to the goodly house

Where the Hound of Uladh sat before

The brazen pillars of his door,

His face bowed low to weep the end

Of the harper's daughter and her friend

For athough years had passed away

He always wept them on that day,

For on that day they had been betrayed;

And now that Honey-Mouth is laid

Under a cairn of sleepy stone

Before his eyes, he has tears for none,

Although he is carrying stone, but two

For whom the cairn's but heaped anew.

We hold, because our memory is

So full of that thing and of this,

That out of sight is out of mind.

But the grey rush under the wind

And the grey bird with crooked bill

Have such long memories that they still

Remember Deirdre and her man;

And when we walk with Kate or Nan

About the windy water-side,

Our hearts can hear the voices chide.

How could we be so soon content,

Who know the way that



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