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Йейтс Уильям Батлер
«Стихи. (В переводах разных авторов)»

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And whispering that none but he should hear,

Said: 'If a woman has put this on you,

My men, whether it please her or displease,

And though they have to cross the Loughlan waters

And take her in the middle of armed men,

Shall make her look upon her handiwork,

That she may quench the rick she has fired; and though

She may have worn silk clothes, or worn a crown,

She'll not be proud, knowing within her heart

That our sufficient portion of the world

Is that we give, although it be brief giving,

Happiness to children and to men.

Then he, driven by his thought beyond his thought,

And speaking what he would not though he would,

Sighed: 'You, even you yourself, could work the cure!

And at those words I rose and I went out

And for nine days he had food from other hands,

And for nine days my mind went whirling round

The one disastrous zodiac, muttering

That the immedicable mound's beyond

Our questioning, beyond our pity even.

But when nine days had gone I stood again

Before his chair and bending down my head

Told him, that when Orion rose, and all

The women of his household were asleep,

To go-for hope would give his limbs the power-

To an old empty woodman's house that's



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