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Йейтс Уильям Батлер
«Стихи. (В переводах разных авторов)»

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The Spur

YOU think it horrible that lust and rage

Should dance attention upon my old age;

They were not such a plague when I was young;

What else have I to spur me into song.


Да плохо ли, что яростная страсть

Над стариком еще имеет власть?

И в юности она была — не плеть;

А чем еще себя заставить петь?


The Song Of The Old Mother

I RISE in the dawn, and I kneel and blow

Till the seed of the fire flicker and glow;

And then I must scrub and bake and sweep

Till stars are beginning to blink and peep;

And the young lie long and dream in their bed

Of the matching of ribbons for bosom and head,

And their day goes over in idleness,

And they sigh if the wind but lift a tress:

While I must work because I am old,

And the seed of the fire gets feeble and cold.

Песня старой матери.

Проснусь на заре я, встав на колени,

Раздую огонь, подброшу поленья;

Мою, стираю,



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